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Mindgame Health

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People want to be...

What We Believe


At the core, individuals want to be healthy, financially secure and make the best decisions. We also believe that if given the right information and the right time most people can be nudged to start changing behavior and created unprompted engagement.  

What We Do


We listen and keep asking the who what why when and how until we get to the foundational root of the problem.  We then can start implementing a science-based and researched-backed solution.  Being that engagement and behavioral change takes time and commitment, our relationships with clients are normally long-lasting.  

Who We Are


We are a team and network of professors, scientists, researchers, educators, and psychologists with a passion for solving issues around engagement and behavior change.  We solve this by collaborating with our network of national experts within their specific field.  

How We Work


Mindgame health is flexible and scalable to handle most opportunities.  Mindgame will work with you on a solution and consolidate, normalize, and structure the data and research to show the true impact. 

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